Join us at the farm for a fun evening of drag performances by Freida Whales, Sophonda Dick, and Valerie Rose.  Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 8:30pm. There will be a licensed bar and concession.


Meet Freida Whales! With her signature blend of ocean-themed puns, glamour, and camp, she is always ready to spread waves of love. This salt-water queen was recently voted Best Drag Artist in Best of Kelowna 2021, as well as winning other acclaim in awards around the province. Freida creates a splash on every stage, and can’t wait to come for a swim!!


FACEBOOK: @FreidaWhalesofficial

INSTAGRAM: @freidawhales


TIKTOK: @freidawhales

TWITTER: @FreidaWhales


Meet Sophonda Dick! She is the Okanagan’s oldest performing drag queen, but don’t let her age fool you – the old bat can still bring the party! Every performance from Sophonda is filled with sass, class, and a little bit of crass. Make sure you bring your tips for this grandma, cause senior care isn’t cheap!

INSTAGRAM: @sophondadick


Meet Valerie Rose! When you first meet her, don’t be fooled by her sweet and shy appearance. Valerie is a powerhouse performer who can dance to just about anything. As well, she is no stranger to showing body and loves to promote body confidence. She really is a bimbo, through and through.

FACEBOOK: @valerie.x.rose

INSTAGRAM: @valerie.x.rose


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